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Enviornment friendly

All products of GICCA are enviornment friendly. Sustainable Cruetly-free & made from biodegradable materials.

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Fastest Growing

GICCA is world’s fastest growing impact brand. Each product is uniquely crafted with zero waste, focusing on advocating social awareness.

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Social Donation

All proceeds goes to GICCA FUNDS. We believe discussing social issues in everyday life, which helps us to crate better understanding of causes.

Our Products are in line with UN Goals to transform this world #Envision2030

About Gicca

World's fastest growing impact brand

GICCA creates all apparels and products with an educational message on social issues. Miss. Firdos Shaikh started GICCA as a social project to fight against social evil and advocate awareness. Often people ask me how much impact can such a concept make and do we really need so much advocacy? The world is changing, daily and even hourly.There are new issues coming into light, and there are new solutions which become available too. Most of the time, the only obstacle standing in the way of human progress is the perception – the attitude towards a certain cause or a certain problem, and if this were to be changed, the world would become a better place.

This is what our Customers and Partner says about GICCA

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Raising social awareness

GICCA is not a product, service or company, it's a belief, it's a dream that together by raising awareness on social issues we can make this world better.